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LUFTIKID UNO  -  SOLD OUT please check if CARES can be an alternative for your needs (Aircraft only)! LUFTIKID UNO - SOLD OUT please check if CARES can be an alternative for your needs (Aircraft only)!
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LUFTIKID inflatable child retention system for children age 9 months to 6 years with an airbag style safety concept for three point belt and lap belt use in vehicles and aircrafts. Perfect for travel. ECE and TUV approved. At this time no more LUFTIKIDs are available. On a regular basis for flying with your child please check if CARES (www.cares.eu) is a good alternative.

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Luftikid travel safety for kids...

LUFTIKID® is unique in many ways:

  • Inflatable child restraint system with airbag type safety concept for lap belt and three-point belt use (shockproof multiple air chamber system)
  • Use in vehicles as well as aircrafts
  • Long term use for a child’s age ranging from about 9 months up to 7 years (9 to 25 kg / 20 to 55 lbs.) Back part for children up to 4 years included
  • Easy to store and to take along (only 1,2 kg / 2,6 lbs.)

LUFTIKID® is tested and approved:

  • ECE R44/03
  • Crash tests MPA Stuttgart with positive results
  • Long term practical experience


IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVICES: Luftikid is a leight-weight travel system. It does an excellent job in many situations while you are traveling with your child. However, concerning side impact protection it can not cope with the safety level of a heavey hard shell child seat. Therefore use Luftikid in the rear center seat in cars and prefer a full size child seat whenever available. 

When you use Luftikid onboard an aircraft make sure that during ascending flight you release air a couple of times so your Luftikid remains soft to the pressing of a thumb at all times until cruising altitude. When descending you add air to full pressure a sufficient time before landing.

LUFTIKID® UNO information: www.luftikid.eu

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